How to sabotage your Inner Saboteur

Perhaps the best place to begin on this journey is with this question…Why on earth would we want to sabotage our own growth and fulfilment ????​​​​​? Perhaps the best place to begin on this journey is with this

Neediness…and how to deal with it….

I am lying there in bed, dying to be cuddled, adored, loved…. He is oh so distant all the way on the other side of the bed. It hurts, I feel more alone than if I was alone. Any efforts to bring him closer to me is likely

Crying whilst making love

Really good love making is not just about groaning with pleasure, it can also be about crying with abandon.Most women are holding deep levels of shame - self hatred and unworthiness in their bodiesThis is held as actual tension

When he is just not that into you…

If the guy you are into, is not THAT into you (or if this is a familiar pattern) and you want to USE this situation to become the woman who can love herself, no matter what AND create the kind of intimate relationships you

How I un-numbed my Yoni

Yes it was numb, I knew that and that was a disturbing and confusing fact. It is not that my yoni (aka my vagina) had no feeling at all, yet it was certainly numb, and I knew there must be SO much more sensation and pleasure

From Emasculating to Uplifting Men

I have been that uber self sufficient woman who had difficulty in trusting that the men in my life were capable of really showing up for me.I also work with SO many of these ‘super strong’ women, helping them to graduate

Are You Shaming Your Sensitive Heart??

So ARE you ???I know I was!When I would have an intimate sexual connection it would open me so deeply…And then afterwards…my mind and body continued to be deeply affected by the experience.I would feel him. Think of him

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