Bad sex- umm NO thanks!

Invite intimate & truly satisfying sexual experiences into your life with a little help from a little jade egg ( and say goodbye to bad sex forever)

Upon reflecting on it (deeply) I have come to the conclusion that really bad sex (aka really unsatisfying sex) usually has 2 qualities.

#1 Bad sex lacks connection.

Connection is the magic sauce that ignites and transforms any sexual experience, whether it is a sense of connection with your partner, or connection with the universe through your own sexuality. Connection is VITAL.

 Without a sense of connection; chances are you will stay in your head, unable to really let go and lose control and truly enjoy the magic.

Yet when you are TOTALLY immersed in the intimate connection between you and your partner,  when you are melting with love and openness, when the sensations you are feeling are blowing your mind..well THIS is good sex

 Good sex, can be hot or gentle but it is ultimately nourishing ( it makes us feel good about ourselves) and makes us feel connected.

This kind of sex  invites us into another realm, beyond our personal ego and into a pulsing universe of aliveness. We can finally let go of our fears, doubts and masks and relax fully into the moment. 

It is this sense of connection, of love, of union, of openness, that has us saying 'whoa! that was amazing'. 

And its the LACK of connection that leaves us feeling unfulfilled and untouched by the hand of the divine.

Are you settling for sex without emotional intimate connection? I am here to invite you to change that right now!

#2 During Bad Sex you don't feel that much.


I used to settle for sex without emotional connection...let me tell you a little bit about my story..

I remember when I was in my 20's. I was living in London on my own and I had a couple of phases between committed relationships where I would meet men everywhere, I did not sleep with them all ( thank god) but I did sleep with some of them, and usually, because we had not built much of a emotional connection and trust, it was quite under-whelming. It was superficial.

Also at that time my body was not so naturally open , I still had a lot of deep seated tension in my body and pelvis and as a result I didn't actually feel THAT much. Some of the casual sex might have been a bit exciting but ultimately, it really was not that great at all ( and some of it was downright BAD-as in impersonal and soul crushing). I wish someone had sat me down and talked to me about what good sex was, and how to create it.

Somewhere along the way I stumbled upon a path of sexual healing and awakening and  I turned a corner, and I was just not able to have bad sex anymore, hallelujah! And the yoni egg had a lot to do with getting to that corner. Because the Yoni ( jade egg) worked  so well for me ( and still does) I share the Yoni Egg Practices with other women who would like to migrate over to the world of nourishing GOOD sex.

These are the 2 ways that the yoni egg insures you against bad sex forever.

 #1.Your yoni egg makes your yoni more sensitive

First of all I want to explain that 'yoni' is a sanskrit word that means 'sacred space' so this is the word I will use for Vagina ( because your vagina IS a sacred space!). Also when I say yoni egg I mean a jade egg, or perhaps another crystal egg used in the same way.

​If you work consciously with the Yoni Egg ( if you use your practice as a meditation rather than just chucking it in and doing a couple of practices without really dropping in to feel all the subtle sensations) then your Yoni Egg Practice has the power to take you on a profound experiential exploration of your essential sexual nature.

Yes your essential sexual nature! did you know that you as a woman have all the software installed for deep and empowering sexual experiences ?? If not then perhaps like I did, you need to go on a journey to discover your own sensual and sexual inner life. The Yoni Egg is a great tool for helping you to do that.

Here is HOW the yoni egg makes your yoni more sensitive

The yoni egg is an amazing healing and awakening tool because it works on the tissues inside the vaginal canal in a physical way (releasing congested areas of tension) and also on a subtle level ( bringing healing energy and the light of awareness to areas that were numbed out).

Over a period of time of using the Yoni Egg with awareness ( a bit like a yoga practice but with a jade egg inside your vagina) the blood and energy flow increases and the tissues soften. In the process your yoni becomes more alive, in the process your yoni literally becomes more sensitive. She can feel more, she can sense more, and you will feel more connected to your body in everyday life.

Your yoni IS naturally intuitive!

(but only if YOU are listening)

Your yoni is designed to feel ! your yoni can sense when someone or an experience is not going to be nourishing for you. Once you are connected enough to your bodies own subtle language, your yoni will usually lead you to the right people and experiences that will nourish and open and transform you.

Personally I am at a point where my body does not get attracted to anyone who i would have impersonal or unsatisfying sex with, I am happy about that 🙂 and I invite YOU into the same reality of deep self honour and AMAZINGLY satisfying sexual experiences.

Where are YOU at?

Are you listening to the subtle communication of your body or

Are you perhaps just laying there and hoping your look good?

Are you just doing it for him?

Are you cutting off from your heart to get a kick out of lusty addictive sex ( then feeling shit after the initial pleasure?).

I have found that the Yoni Egg can help take us beyond this kind of limited and disconnected sex, to a whole new world or connected heart-centred and NOURISHING sexuality. 

( both of the solo and shared variety).

I would like every woman to know the sweet bliss of intimate, nourishing and mind- blowing sacred sexual experiences, the kind of sex that nourishes body, mind and soul really is GOOD sex.

 #2 Your yoni egg takes you out of one track routine patterns

Did you know that your body is designed to feel SO many different kinds of pleasurable sensations ( not just in your clitoris). 

But... if you stick to the same quick fix routine then the neglected parts of your sexual anatomy can become de-activated and  desensitised.

The yoni egg massages the whole of your internal canal therefore it opens more pathways to varied sensations. But it also breaks you out of routine sex (boring!) and into the mystery ( the mystery element  is a part of good sex too).

#3 Your yoni egg wires your yoni up to feel deeply.

As mentioned, the yoni egg literally massages the inside of your vaginal canal. What this does is release any stuck and congested areas- that are often connected to old memories or negative beliefs.

Once you have felt and released anything that was creating stagnation (and was keeping you stuck in old patterns) then there is more energy flow through your vagina, and all through your sexual centre to you whole body and this means you feel more. 

Yes you actually feel MORE ; a whole dimension of feeling that wasn't even there before can open up for you, and bad sex doesn't happen anymore..( and if it does you are able to heed the very clear signal that something is wrong and you need to make some changes).

 (By saying NO to bad sex, you say YES to good sex)

I am always amazed by the kinds of things women report during and after my yoni egg magic month. I hear things like â€‹

...'I’ve already had two orgasms in two days after starting this course when only had one or two in a relationship of 5 years!"...:

Your own journey with the Yoni Egg will be unique to you but I can assure you that the yoni egg is a valued friend on the path from numbness and disconnection to yummy feelings and connection to your feminine energy and source power.

Share the Shakti!
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