Are you looking to find deep fulfilment in your relationship  (and move out of your old patterns)??

Are you and your partner constantly bumping up against each others “stuff”?


Are you finding it difficult to know and meet each others needs and desires?

Do you want to find a more harmonious and fulfilling way to be together?​

I hold the kind of space where you can address and move through what blocks you from meeting each others needs and creating a fulfilling sexual relationship.

The way that this couples coaching works is that I work with you individually first, then together.

I find that having a third party who can see the wider patterns of your relationship works wonders in bringing you closer by finding your meeting points.

If you want more presence, more ease and more depth in your relationship; take the first step by booking a FREE 15 minute Skype consultation with me NOW

Now is the time to do the work.
Don’t let another year go by putting off
the inner work that is going to change your life for the better.

Couples 7 WEek Coaching

If you really are looking for lasting change, this usually involves a process, a period of time where you are supported to step out of the old patterns and into a different way of being with yourself and showing up in the world. From my work with hundreds of clients I see that the 7 session package is a powerful way to create, support and solidify your transformation process.  

The deeper benefits of going for a package of 7 sessions:

  • You have the time and support that allows you to really change the old habits once and for all
  • Create fundamental shifts that affect all areas of your life
  • You have time to learn, practice and integrate the practices I offer you and ask as many questions that you want/need
  • You get to really know what it feels like to be deeply supported, so you can then create this for yourself.

Together we will explore and master how to:

  • Work with the intense emotions (shame, grief, rage etc) that comes up for you as you step into your power.
  • Access your juicy sensual feminine nature, your vulnerability, your deep satisfaction, your voice, your depths, your unique gifts
  • Boost your confidence. Find your authentic voice and expression
  • Lose weight/embrace your body, with love
  • Express your needs and desires and create healthy boundaries
  • Let go of your armour and reconnect to yourself as feminine sensual woman
  • Create nourishing and fulfilling intimate relationships

Are you ready to radically transform your life? 

I have supported hundreds of women and men in their journey towards living in their power and embracing their sexuality.  

I can hold a powerful and loving space for you to share your deepest fears and move through into a space of freedom and acceptance and power.

I will help you to connect into your natural vitality, energy and confidence.

7 Week Series 

Maximize Your Empowerment


7 Week Series

Your Investment Plan

$127 / 7 months

Single Session 

Quick and Powerful Transformation


Not 100% sure this is right for you? 

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together we can find out if I'm the right person to support you in this journey.

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