For the Women who find it hard to RECEIVE

Working as a womens coach and healer I get to constantly see how complex the simple act of nourishing oneself can become for women.

There can be this frustrating pull between wanting (and needing) nourishment, and then avoiding it or sabotaging it.

You may be a woman who yearns to feel supported and relaxed and deeply nourished, yet consistently find yourself  creating a busy life where you do not have time to be nourished. Or perhaps you over-nurture others and fail to accept deep care in return, perhaps you are frustrated that your needs are not being met but do not prioritise creating a life where your needs ARE met..

If you can relate to any of this and you identify with finding it difficult to receive... I want to encourage you to change that ASAP! Here are some guidelines to help you do just that ..


If your needs for care and nourishment are continually  NOT being met, begin with looking at WHY that might be. 

Some women have families and busy lives and yet they prioritise their self nourishment and create juicy lives in the midst of it all (believe me I have indeed seen this). 

If you have NOT found a way to make balance between receiving and giving there are often beliefs and programs around nourishment, often inherited from your mother, that get in the way of you claiming what you need. 

• I don’t deserve to receive

• Its selfish to focus on myself

• I don’t have time to nourish myself

Do any of these sound familiar ??

What I have discovered in my work with women who hold these beliefs is that usually there  is an underlying belief that she is 'not worthy' of receiving an abundance of love and care. This leads to her sabotaging her nourishment because she feels 'not good enough' to receive.

This comes from a deep misunderstanding about the way things really are.

The fact is that EVERYONE is worthy of receiving goodness, of receiving care and love and attention. It is not about being good enough...we all have these needs and we all deserve to be supported and cared for.

its about learning to trust life a little more, its about learning to surrender more, its about allowing yourself to be vulnerable and lapping up care and affection as innocently as a pet cat.

Another common pattern that sabotages a woman ability to receive deep nourishment and create a nourishing life is an addiction to victim mentality and to the ego goodies that she receives from creating a life full of drama that is lacking in basic nourishment.  Moving through this one really takes a great deal of self reflection and a honest look at why YOU might be creating drama on a subconscious level.. often you will find that, again,  this is to avoid the vulnerable feelings underneath it all.

STEP ONE --Spend some time getting to know what is really going on inside of YOU. 

Be honest, be loving and stick to the basics in this investigation of the inner dynamics in this play.

Ask yourself ;

What is it I truly want? How can I make space for this in my  life NOW?

And when someone offers to support you just say YES ! Thank you ! and lap it up, if that feels hard the next point will really help.

BTW- Do you struggle to receive appreciation ? watch this video here to find out how to shift that.

#2 do it for all women

instead of making it all about YOU, make it about the wellness of all women, and of mother earth. 

I  have found this re-frame to be extremely useful for many women;

It has the power to reframe your relationship to nourishment and short cut any tendencies to sabotage your nourishment.

Accept that you as a woman are representing and embodying the feminine...

And if  YOU are not nourished. how do you expect your children, partner, your sisters and mother earth to be nourished !!

Be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Begin to recognise that it is your JOB to receive and to create opportunities to receive nourishment !

Accept that the most deeply nourished version of all women ( and men for that matter) is exactly what this world needs ..and that requires claiming the time and space and anything else that is needed to make that happen.

SO Just DO it ! Step out of victim ( if that is where you have been hanging out) save any energy you have been pouring into drama and distraction and scarcity and CLAIM YOUR NOURISHING LIFE.

And back it up with action; DO that daily morning practice, organise that weekly massage, go for that beach walk, commit to that yoga class or simply find that audio meditation that really does it for you and DO IT EVERY NIGHT- NO EXCUSES!


It is so easy for many modern women to get into a pattern of living OFF their adrenals (basically living off there reserves)...

The other option is to create a life in which you are continually topping up your reserves  ( in the Taoist tradition these are your kidneys/adrenals and ovaries) and living off the overflow.

Keeping yourself FULLY TOPPED UP is what feminine embodiment practices are all about and they are effective for women of ALL ages, colours and sizes.

With these energy practices you literally dose yourself up with life force so that rather than LIVING OFF YOUR RESERVES you are rolling with  the flow of your feminine essence.

Get started with a series of morning practices right here

FEMININE PRACTICES REMIND YOUR BODY HOW GOOD IT FEELS TO BE NOURISHED and how easy it can be as a woman to open and let go and allow and receive.

Once you DO nourish yourself ( rather than over stimulate yourself)  then your body has the chance to remember ‘Oh I get it..OF COURSE I am going to create a life where I nourish myself and receive'.

Then it can actually become SO simple! You know you need it, so you get it, and you feel so good, that you can give it, and everyone is happy rather than frustrated..ahhhhh!!! ( big sigh of relief).

So this is why feminine embodiment practices are really necessary for modern women, they show us how to tap into the simple nourishment of living in a vibrantly alive feminine body,

With feminine practices we begin to  vibrate with nourishment and attract nourishment and get over that really annoying life-negating belief that we do not DESERVE to receive nourishment.

So I leave you with this questions to answer honestly…

Are you ready to RECEIVE ????

Hey I am Sonja Shradha Devi and I empower women to love their own bodies and create deeply nourishing feminine-centred lives.

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Go forth and nourish yourself!

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