This is for everyone who feels a lot..a acknowledgement..a manifesto.....

We are a generation of women and men showing up to feel and heal what has been repressed for generations.

It might look like we are freaking out,melting down and losing the plot…but its deeper than that..

 We are showing up to meet ourselves in wider ways,

we are courageously saying NO to sticking to surface level reality.

We are naming the elephant in the room,

we are crying tears of our grandmothers/grandfathers losses..

the pain that wasn’t honored then..we are honoring now..

We are living breathing transformers. We working through the layers of collective and ancestral repressed and unprocessed material through actually feeling it!!!

Its big work- don’t doubt it

We are releasing imprints,

we are questioning paradigms,

we are roaring out the injustice of the feminine un-acknowledged,

we are sighing through the layers of generations of embodied fear,

we are reclaiming ritual and ecstatic states and the right to grieve and rest.

We are saying yes to real intimacy, yes to next level integrity, yes to thriving bodies, pulsing wombs, activated dreams, life choices and relationships born from love not fear..

We are re-writing the script and healing our lineage 

We are learning to be self-responsible,

we are giving up blame,

we are relinquishing the victim,

we are exiting the matrix and we are co-creating beauty. 

Its big work – the work we were born to do

We are claiming the support we need to keep on showing up,

we are honoring our vulnerability instead of creating intricate masks to mask it,

we are finding ways to communicate our needs,

we are learning the art of skillful boundaries and letting go of ‘the pleaser,

we are learning to meet our bodies and minds, and each other with compassion that defies reason.

We are finally letting go of what doesn’t serve us and inviting in what truly feeds us!

Don’t doubt how important this is, even if the ‘work’ may feel clumsy and uncomfortable as it shows up in our lives in various ways…we are humble humans in the process of getting more skillful and forgiving and resilient.

Its huge! We are Ninjas fighting the good fight, of love with love

If you are reading this know that you are one of the ones that have chosen to wake up, and that existence is applauding your every conscious step,

Know that the energetic fabric of the universe is altered with every breath become conscious, with every sexual interaction born from pure love, with every decision to explore our shadow and own our shit

Thank you to all the men and women exploring their moment-to-moment embodied truth, breathing through the uncomfortable moments without running to hide in distractions, we are the ones allowing the feminine to be rebirthed through our willingness to feel.  

Its big work – the work we were born to do

Please share if you resonate or know someone who might feel less like an emotional freak and more like a noble warrior as a result of reading this...thank you !

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