The Yoni Egg empowers us to heal ourselves with awareness, love and consciousness, allowing us to create an affirming and nourishing relationship to our own sexuality and to attract sexual experiences which are deeply loving and fulfilling.

By the way… Yoni eggs are not always made of Jade! it is possible to use a whole variety of different crystals each with their own particular healing vibration. I like to use a ‘jade’ Yoni egg made out of Rose quartz, a crystal vibrating with a very pure LOVE vibration. And the black crystal Obsidian has powerful purifying qualities.

getting started with the jade egg

These Jade egg practices are a core part of the Tao Tantric Feminine Arts. I really recommend working with someone trained in the Tao Tantric arts ( or Sexual priestesses of other feminine spiritual traditions) who can guide you through a Jade egg Initiation Ritual.

how to create a powerful jade egg ritual

Few women these days are encouraged to respect their yoni as sacred space, When we do reclaim this deep respect for our sexuality then we reclaim our feminine power and Yoni Shakti (yoni power).

The amazing thing about the Jade egg is that it  can help us to do this!  Through creating empowering and healing Yoni Egg rituals we can use the jade egg as a sacred tool to bridge the gap between our spirituality and sexuality and increase our receptivity to orgasmic energy.

I find that the Yoni Egg is such an awesome tool for awakening our sacred sensual nature. I love my Yoni Egg meditations, they wake up my sexual energy in a way that is nourishing, healing and awakening.

I encourage any woman seeking to deeper her relationship to her body and her sexuality to practice the Jade egg with the following principals.

create sacred space

To really experience the profound benefits of the Jade egg then work with your jade egg in the container of Sacred Space. Sacred space is simply a space that you create with loving intention. The most important factor is truly the intention to devote yourself completely to your jade egg practice for this period of time.

You can also power up your intention through visualisation (for example imagining that you are surrounding the space you are in with a golden bubble or white light).

And you can also clear the energies in the space through burning incense or sage or palo santo wood.

And/or you can simply light a candle and put on some calming music.

Sacred space is a space you create outside of the mundane, so turn off your phone and take this time for YOU. This allows the opportunity for you to really experience the egg in a profound way and invite in the opportunity for deep healing and activation.

awareness and preparation

Through creating space you already begin to focus your awareness, you can then use any other techniques that you have to help you ‘get out of your head’ and into your body and the fullness of the experience. Throughout your practice with your Yoni Egg maintain this awareness of the subtle dimension of your experience, make it a meditation.

Take it slow! Prepare your body and mind to be open and receptive to the Yoni Egg by beginning with some breast massage.

You can speak an intention into your egg for example ‘ I invite healing for my yoni’ or ‘ I invite my yoni to become more sensitive and open to feel Shakti’.

You can also just breathe loving energy into your egg and then use the egg to massage your belly and around the outside of your Yoni before proceeding towards the Vaginal entrance, the gateway.

Every step of the way, be aware, and smile deeply into what you feel.

Once you are familiar with the egg there are many practices that can help you to increase your pelvic floor strength and initiate deep healing and release.

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