Tantra 101 – 4 Tips for Daily Life

We think that the way out of our old patterns will be complicated.Secretly we want the release, we want to feel free, we want to feel alive, comfortable in our own skins and confident in our place on the earth. We crave this,

Take me deeper or do not take me at all

​  ​​​​​​​ Last night I symbolically threw my shame in the river, I threw in the subtle shame I realised I hold on some level about being single. As if maybe that makes me somehow inadequate or undesirable

7 Secrets for Sparkling Shakti

I have been working with a client this week and one thing she mentioned is how she would like to ‘bring the magic into her daily life’.I am all about 'living in the flow' but i am also all about action plans and being pro-active.