Dear Sisters,

Did you know that your womb and sexual organs are highly sensitive and uber intelligent?

AND did you know that your womanly bits are SO sensitive to energies and vibrations that they can be deeply affected by thoughts and experiences that are not nourishing and affirming.

How many women have had sexual encounters that were less than honouring and nourishing? Probably all of us have at some point!!! Our highly fine tuned wombs can can hold negative imprints from these past experiences - without us even knowing it, and this can create blockages in blood and energy flow.  Let's clear those blocks now. 

WHY would you nourish your womanly bits with fresh vital energy?

If the energy in your sexual organs is not flowing freely then this might happen:

  • You might continue to attract sexual experiences that are less than honouring, conscious and nourishing.
  • Your sexual organs might  become stagnant from lack of fresh life force energy flow and loving attention and this could affect your general energy levels and libido.
  • There can be resulting build ups of stagnant energy that contribute to ulcers and cysts.
  • You might forget that you are a vital , radiant, creative sexual being and cut off from this incredibly important aspect of yourself .


YES you totally have the power ​to transform the imprints in your womb and you can flush fresh life force energy through your bits with movement, breath, intention and loving awareness - YAY!!!

In this 2 minute Feminine Rising Tribe Practice I am offering you a technique to do just that. This practice will bring fresh life force energy into your sexual organs and clear out any energetic debris that may be lurking there.

It's simple and it's easy! It's the suck and stir!!​

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3 years ago

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